Announcing Bloom Advisors

Sep 2020

It is with great pleasure we announce that as of October 1, 2020, we are formally changing our name to Bloom Advisors.  This change represents what our clients already know about us: that we do so much more at Bloom than just manage money. Our services and work extend far beyond the bounds of traditional investment management. We believe what makes us unique is our team of experts who provide advice across the spectrum when you need it the most.

Over the past year, we instituted a process to relook at our business and understand ways to better service our clients today and into the future.  As part of this effort, we invested in new technologies, refined our internal processes, and developed a new website. It also became apparent that changing our name to Bloom Advisors would better reflect the wide range of services we provide our clients. Over the years, our services have expanded to include nearly anything dealing with our clients’ finances.   We feel there is no better time like the present to change our name to emphasize who we are and what we do.

Although the name of our firm is changing, our dedication and commitment to our clients, remains stronger than ever.   The DNA of our firm has always been to serve and protect our clients and to build financial futures. That will never change. Life is full of so many moments and transitions; we are grateful to be here for the journey, whatever it may bring.

Looking to the future, we believe our best days are ahead. We will continue to invest in our business, enhance our client services and seek additional ways to connect with our clients and their families. We have also welcomed our next generation to the team with the addition of Jennifer Bloom Kravis and Stephanie Bloom Lucker in 2019. They bring energy, expertise and an innate commitment to the values that we hold true both as a firm and as a family. As we grow with our next generation, we are grateful for your help in expanding our impact.

On behalf of everyone at Bloom Asset Management—now Bloom Advisors—we appreciate your support and give you our assurance that when we go to work every day, our goal will always be to do our best for you, our clients.


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