Stephanie Bloom

Director of Client Engagement


B.A., University of Michigan, Economics
M.A.T., American University, Secondary Mathematics
M.B.A., Columbia Business School


Series 65

Year Started at Bloom

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Stephanie Bloom

What do you love most about working at Bloom?
I feel very fortunate to come to work every day and work alongside my sister, father and uncle. In past jobs I needed to carve out dedicated time to be with my family. Now I get to take advantage of last-minute lunches together and quick chats in the hallway on a regular basis.

What type of clients do you like to work with most?
I most enjoy working with women who are looking to establish themselves and their families. Finance in general doesn’t pay enough attention to women and our unique circumstances. I love bringing women into the conversation (even when they’re a bit skeptical) and empowering them to be part of the decision-making process.

What do you think makes Bloom so special?
We recognize that each client has unique circumstances and there is no cookie-cutter option. We want to support our clients as a partner through their financial life. If that means coaching a client through refinancing their home or helping them think through options for aging parents, we’re here for them. I don’t know of any other firm that can truly commit to that the way we have.

What did you do before you joined Bloom?
Straight out of undergrad, I spent four years as a middle school teacher and administrator in high-need schools in Washington, DC, and Brooklyn, NY. Teaching taught me patience and the need to customize curriculum to the needs of each student. This is a valuable lesson that I apply regularly at Bloom.

After teaching, and graduating from business school, I spent four years at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm. At BCG I managed teams across the country to help business executives think through their most challenging problems related to profitability, human resources, operations and efficiency.

“I’ve completed four half marathons, including the Las Vegas half marathon. The city closed down the strip at night and we got to run alongside the hotels. It was a spectacular race!”


I love to travel and have been lucky enough to visit nearly 40 countries. Some highlights include SCUBA diving in Mozambique, backpacking through Thailand and winemaking in Argentina.

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