Cash In On Your Spring Cleaning!

Feb 2020

Groundhogs and weather forecasters are predicting an early spring this year— lets hope!

While the temperatures are cold, I think it’s time to start thinking about some spring cleaning, and how you can turn your closet and unwanted items into cold hard cash! Technology has simplified the process of buying and selling resale items making it so simple to get started.

As long as you have a smartphone with photo taking capabilities you can use these tools to start selling your unwanted items online. Below is a short guide to some of the best and easiest to use platforms.

If are successful and earn some extra cash, think about putting those funds towards your Roth IRA contribution while there is still time before the April 15th deadline, or use the money to boost contributions to a child or grandchild’s 529 plan.

Good luck and happy selling!


Have you ever wanted to get rid of some of the clothes and accessories you just don’t wear anymore? Of course, you could donate them but if they are still in great condition consider selling them! If you’re looking to get rid of some high-quality items that just don’t suit you anymore, Poshmark is a great option.

  • Why I like it: Ittakes less than 60 seconds to set up, especially if you use the in-app photo functionality. Poshmark provides sellers with prepaid shipping labels at no additional cost to you, rolled into the price paid by the buyer. One exception: if your package weighs more than five pounds, you’ll be responsible for overweight costs.
  • Tips for Success: Take a little time to make your listing look nice! It helps to show buyers a clear, brightly lit photo. Some people even post pictures of themselves or someone else wearing the item. Spend a few minutes describing the item and list sizing and measurements. Also, be transparent about any flaws or signs of wear and tear of the garment since people appreciate the honesty and it helps build your credibility in the Poshmark community.
  • Things to Note: From a sellers perspective, the big drawback about Poshmark compared to a platform like Ebay or Craigslist, is the fees (which are listed below). Other than that, the ease of use and the shipping fees included makes it pretty hassle free.
  • Cost: Poshmark makes money by charging a commission fee against each sale you make, though listing items is totally free. For listings under $15, the commission is a flat $2.95; for those $15 and over, you’ll keep 80% of the sale price.


From fashion accessories to used electronics and even vehicles, Letgo helps you sell your old stuff quickly, safely and locally.

  • Why I like it: Letgo takes the hassle of shipping completely out of the picture because they help you sell secondhand items within your local neighborhood. Think of this as a virtual garage sale! Letgo is easy because it allows you to take photographs and videos of your items directly from the app. You can also chat with potential buyers and easily share the listing on your social networks, all through its secure platform.
  • Tips for Success: The more description the better! Just like any of the online selling platforms, more detail increases your chances of connecting with buyers. Also, make sure to use the sales location feature so that its easier for people in your local neighborhood to browse and purchase the items.
  • Things to Note: Given that LetGo is like a virtual garage sale, customers and buyers have to meet in person to close the sale since payments cannot be made via the app. Make sure you plan to meet a buyer in a busy public place such as the local coffee shop or café. Also, LetGo advises that you stick to cash as a form of payment since it avoids any issues with checks bouncing or fraud.
  • Letgo is totally free to use, charging neither a listing fee nor taking a commission.


If you are like me, each time you upgrade to a new smartphone you end up putting the old one in a desk drawer only to collect dust! Decluttr has made it so that you can turn those old cellphones, laptops, video game systems and even CDs an DVDs into cash. All you have to do, is post your product for sale on the Decluttr app and your item is instantly evaluated for a sale. If you go along with the price, Decluttr sends you a free shipping label which you can use to ship the product via UPS.

  • Why I like it: Decluttr puts as much money as possible into your pocket, promising up to 33% more than you’d earn reselling your old gear back to your phone carrier. The shipping is free and insured, so you can rest easy that your tech will make it to the company unharmed — and you can receive your earnings by check, direct deposit or PayPal transfer the very next day.
  • Tips for Success: Once you have agreed to sell your device, make sure you take steps to delete your data and return the phone/ tablet or laptop to its factory settings. You don’t want anyone going through your devices seeing personal photos or viewing confidential information! Also, if you haven’t backed up your data to the cloud or transferred it onto your new device, make sure you do before hitting delete. Once you are ready, the actual process of wiping your device is really simple and there are lots of tutorials online of how to do it.
  • Things to Note: Deculttr will buy damaged technology products but you have to disclose the issues upon sale and the damage is baked into the sale price. However, other items you may sell on the platform such as CD’s, DVD’s and video games must be in good condition and sold with the original cases. If an item is mailed in and then rejected for purchase by Decluttr, they will not send back the merchandise. Make sure you read and follow the guidelines they list on their website.
  • Cost: Decluttr makes money by reselling your tech at a higher price than it pays you for it, but it’s still free to use on your end.


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