Suzanne Weinberg

Client Relationship Manager


B.S.W., Wayne State University
M.S.W, Social Work, Wayne State University


Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP)

Year Started at Bloom

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Suzanne Weinberg

What type of clients do you enjoy working with most?
I genuinely enjoy working with and learning about all of our clients, and I have a special affinity for working with seniors.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
Every time I “connect” with a client, I consider it an accomplishment. No act is too small if I’m providing assistance in some way. Whether it’s something as simple as sending out a needed tax form or account statement to something more complex, I see every act of support as an achievement.

When is a time you felt you made a meaningful difference for a client?
Advocacy is a key component to providing outstanding client services, and so I advocate for my clients just as I would for my family or myself. Every time I am entrusted to be a client’s advocate I feel I am making a meaningful difference.

What do you think makes Bloom special?
Everyone at Bloom Advisors has the clients’ best interests at heart. I recently read an article stating that trustworthiness, dedicated relationships and personalized service were key factors in whether investors were truly happy or not with their advisors.  I can tell you for a fact that each and every member of Bloom Advisors prioritizes these factors and puts their clients’ needs above all else.

What did you do before you joined Bloom?
Before working at Bloom, I worked as a Client Service Associate at two other Metro Detroit financial planning firms. Prior to that I was a small business owner and worked within the senior care industry.

“Giving back has always been part of my mindset.  As a child I would go door-to-door to collect monetary donations for the annual Muscular Dystrophy telethon. I continue to give back by running food collections within the workplace for those in need.”

Silly Likes

I think having a little “silly” or “foolish” in life is a good thing.  I still love stuffed animals, especially Snoopy and the Peanuts cartoon characters. I often watch reality TV (just don’t tell anyone).