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May 2020

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In our second episode, Rick is back to answer some of your most common email questions. We start with a breakdown of stimulus checks, and how not to fall for the many scams that are out there!

Next, what does Rick see for the economy going forward? How has a lack of spending – and tax revenue – affected us?  Could higher taxes be on the way? And how does the rest of the world economy impact us? Rick is bullish on the future of the market and he explains why.

The new CARES Act has a number of provisions regarding retirement plans with regard to Required Minimum Distributions, hardship loans and more. Rick takes a look.

Here in Michigan, new insurance laws will soon take effect. Rick explains what options Michiganders will have – and some of the misconceptions about what we will save.

How can the stock market be up with unemployment so high? If you need money right now, what avenues should you look at first?

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