The Problems with Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey

Jul 2020

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Today, Rick Bloom takes a deep dive into the financial strategies presented by “Celebrity Financial Advisors,” most notably Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey.

  • Shaming – sometimes they “shame” viewers – no financial professional should make you feel that way
  • Debt – save for today, live for tomorrow, but will skipping Starbucks reallynet you a million dollars?
  • Dave Ramsey’s idea of paying off all debt before saving for retirement – and the flaw in that logic
  • The idea that nobody should have a charge card – why they can be useful tools.
  • Investing – the problem with Suze’s generic math equation
  • Dave’s idea that you should only invest in 4 areas, as well as Class A mutual funds vs “no load” mutual funds
  • The idea of a 12% return – why that’s just not realistic
  • The idea of retiring at a certain, one-size-fits-all age

Additionally, Rick answers listener emails regarding Roth vs Traditional 401K plans, long term care and life insurance, and the differences between UGMA, UTMA, and 529 savings plans.

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