Let’s Talk About Insurance

Jul 2020

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Today, Rick Bloom is joined by Mark Orechkin of the Orechkin Insurance Agency in Southfield, Michigan.  With many people losing their jobs in 2020, we have a lot to cover.

We start with health insurance options when you lose or change jobs, including COBRA, short term medical policies, Medicare, qualifying events, and what changed with the Affordable Care Act.

Next, Rick and Mark discuss life insurance – and why it’s important to not rely solely on what’s provided by your employer.  They also cover permanent and term policies.

Mark explains why you should never lie when applying for insurance.

We also cover disability insurance and the many forms it can take.

Finally, as always, Rick answers your emails.  Today we cover questions regarding inherited Roth IRAs, using a bond or money market fund as an emergency fund, and the rules around required minimum distributions, or RMDs.


Orechkin Insurance Agency Website: https://www.orechkininsuranceagency.com/

Orechkin Insurance Agency Phone Number: (248) 356-8820

If you have a question for Rick Bloom, you can email him at Rick@RickBloomTalksMoney.com

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