Life Choices Plan

Dec 2016


There is no doubt that we are all living longer. In the old days, someone living into their 80s, 90s was unheard of; today, it’s almost becoming the norm. I always remind people that age is a privilege; however, I do realize that age also brings certain challenges. One of those challenges that many people face is how to maintain their independence and deal with the day-to-day challenges we all face. Dealing with these challenges is more than a financial issue; it is also a resource issue as to where to you go to obtain the assistance you may need.

Obviously from a financial standpoint, if you have the resources there is no problem. However, for the majority of people, finances remain a problem. One alternative that many people have chosen is to purchase a long-term care policy. Unfortunately, many people find it is difficult to actually collect benefits under a long-term care policy and that there has been a disturbing trend over the last few years where many companies have substantially increased their premiums to a point that it became unaffordable. The long-term care issue is one of the more difficult issues I have to contend with. After all, it’s more than a financial issue; it is also a resource issue. In other words, when a senior needs assistance, where do they go even if they have the money? Because there are no easy solutions, it requires people to explore a variety of options. One option I recently became aware of that I believe many people should explore is the relatively new Life Choices Plan, through the Evangelical Homes of Michigan (EHM).

The Life Choices Plan is geared for seniors who want to stay at home and remain independent. Through this program, Life Choices provides its clients with an array of services and support all geared to helping the senior maintain their independence and remain at home. Under this program clients have a team of experts to assist them in their individual needs. Not only do they act as a lifestyle coach but in addition, they also serve as a personal advocate, something that I can attest is much needed. One of the other benefits of this program is the fact that since seniors would have their own team, it dramatically reduces the chance that they will be subject to senior abuse, a problem many seniors are now facing and a problem that is growing throughout the country.

For seniors who want to stay in their house and maintain their independence, they face many challenges. These challenges include such things as ensuring they are eating and exercising properly, have reliable transportation to the doctor and are taking their medications as prescribed. The Life Choices Plan addresses these needs and in addition, also makes provisions for those who eventually may require assisted living.

I believe the Life Choices Plan is something people should consider. However, like everything else in our society, it comes at a cost. The Life Choices Plan requires a significant upfront fee as well as a monthly fee. However, if your goal is to maintain your independence and at the same time have a variety of health and wellness services, this is a program for those in Southeast Michigan that deserves consideration.

I should also mention another benefit to this program and that is peace of mind — not only peace of mind for the senior knowing they will have a whole team of experts dedicated to their wellbeing, but also peace of mind for their loved ones. They can rest easy knowing their loved one is being properly cared for.

For seniors who want to maintain their independence in their home and at the same time know their needs are going to be taken care of, I recommend looking at the Life Choices Plan. Their website is Their toll-free number is 866-979-9109. This program is not for everyone; however, you may find that it fits your needs and in many situations, will provide you with much better services than a long-term care policy would at a much more affordable cost.

Good luck!